Goodbye old green

I gave away my car this morning. The old green machine, which I’d never bothered to name, still ran, but its 23-year-old motor was wearing out. Mechanics warned me the car was dying.

That’ll happen after 214,176 miles. Leo jokes that my mileage almost equals the distance to the moon. The 1993 Honda Accord never did any epic to-the-moon, or even to-the-coast voyages, but it traveled to plenty of Minnesota parks and hauled garage sale treasures and endless trunk loads of mulch.

I donated it Minnesota Public Radio through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services. I guess it’ll be recycled for scrap metal.  I’m glad the car can do one last good deed—helping my favorite station. Continue reading “Goodbye old green”


Paying my respects to the general

I finished up my run along Riverside Park in Manhattan as I had many previous runs. I went to pay my respects to the general.

No visit to the city seems complete without seeing Grant’s Tomb. Officially known as General Grant National Memorial, it’s the largest mausoleum in North America. The massive marble dome is dazzling, but I don’t go for the architecture.

grant tomb dome

I just want to be near Grant. To me, Ulysses Grant is as real as anyone else I know. He’s in my head, someone I’ve spent enough time thinking about to have earned a permanent place in my heart. Continue reading “Paying my respects to the general”